We know that lives are being saved as a result of projects funded by the plate proceeds and by the quiet witness of the plates themselves.  The following was shared by a pro-life booth volunteer reporting on her shift at a Memphis women’s show:

“…Another lady shared a story about her Choose Life plate.  She was parked in a shopping mall parking lot.  When she returned to her car, she found a young girl standing behind her car, crying.  The girl said she wanted to meet the owner of the car.  The lady thought the girl had been in an accident.  No– the girl wanted to thank her for having that license plate because God had used it to convict the girl not to have an abortion.

The girl had been with her boyfriend on the way to an abortion facility when she prayed about the decision to abort (with which she had been struggling.)  Her boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion and he was paying for it.  She had been afraid to tell her parents about the pregnancy.  One the way, as she was praying, she asked her boyfriend to pull into a mall parking lot so she could use the restroom.  That’s when she saw the Choose Life plate!

She told her boyfriend that she would be right back.  She phoned her parents from the mall to come get her.  Then she went back to talk with her boyfriend, but he was not there anymore.  That’s when she waited behind the woman’s car to thank her for having her Choose Life license plate.  The driver shared that it was such a small thing to have the plate yet it helped make such an important decision”.

You never know how God will use our smallest actions,” the driver said.